10 Favorite Pop Culture Moments of 2018

Happy Christmas Eve! I really loved making a list of my favorite pop culture moments last year, and putting together the same post for 2018 was no exception. Part of the reason why I love the entertainment industry is because it soothes our bad days and distracts us from our individual troubles and the world’s issues. Obviously, there are moments when the field overlaps with politics and international concerns (see: #MeToo), but I love recapping what put a smile on my face throughout the year.

What are some of your favorite pop culture memories from 2018?

1) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married, Prince Louis is born, Princess Eugenie gets her moment in the sun, Meghan is pregnant…

…and essentially any positive thing to do with the royal family this year. I’m so over all the reports of drama within the family (brothers are allowed to go through tough times and sisters-in-law never have to be BFFs) and would rather focus on their brighter moments. What other year had two royal weddings, a birth of a prince, and the announcement of a beloved couple’s first baby? While watching Harry and Meghan’s wedding, I even grew more emotional than I anticipated, tearing up at Harry’s reaction to his bride, as well as Doria Ragland watching the two of them together. I cried over some of the New York Times’ more personal event coverage and just spent that whole morning marveling over this amazing addition to the British monarchy. Plus, all of the year’s weddings and babies just meant that we all had more chances to see my favorite royal, Princess Charlotte, be the mini-boss lady she totally is.

2) Timeless returns for Season 2 and gets a two-hour finale movie

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Latest Pop Culture Obsessions

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. I produced weekly news packages on my own for class, kept up on freelancing and intern duties, and – a moment I’m pretty darn proud of – interviewed Imposters star Rob Heaps for Her Campus (and have another exciting potential interview in the works!).

After keeping busy quite consistently, my “spring” break this week was very welcomed and needed. Aside from applying to “real world” jobs, I don’t have much going on this week, so I’ve found the time to get obsessed with some new things!

CBS Sunday Morning profiles

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News Worthy 1/9 – 1/13

I haven’t written a post for my weekly News Worthy feature since the beginning of September, but I’d like to try and get back into it – a semi New Year’s resolution, if you will. I had a pretty busy semester in the fall, and while there are definitely more gaps in my schedule this semester (my last of college – uhh…), I feel like they’ll fill up quickly, so committing to News Worthy is a good way to write at least one post every week. Let’s see how this goes!


I finished reading Sarah McCoy’s The Baker’s Daughter last week and checked out McCoy’s website afterwards. She has a page for all of the essays she’s written over the years and this one, “Author Epiphany: I Film-Track My Novels” was great. McCoy explains that, instead of listening to music when she writes, she’s often typing with old black-and-white movies playing in the background.

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News Worthy: 8/29 – 9/2

Here we go with regularly scheduled News Worthy posts again!


Gene Wilder died at the age of 83 this week, and whenever a film icon of my childhood dies, it sort of numbs me for a while – like many others, I grew up watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Wilder’s death marks yet another loss from the 1960s-70s era that I see as the last period in which movie stars maintained an elusive privacy that made you see a character they were playing, not the actual actor. I just think he was so classy and really recognized the difference in today’s film industry versus the time he was most active. I found the interview below a year or two ago, and, about two minutes in, he actually touches upon how loud and unnecessarily crass today’s films can be. Wilder’s Young Frankenstein screenplay was nominated for an Oscar, and I think that detail and his remarks in this video show that he was a very selective person who really understood film.

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News Worthy 3/7 – 3/11

Thumbs up to me for publishing two non-News Worthy posts this week! It’s the simple things that count, guys.


While living in London last semester, I was most intrigued by the school system and seeing uniformed kids on the tube. Apart from (sort of) understanding terms such as GCSEs and A-levels, English schooling is an unknown but interesting topic for me. I really liked this New York Times article about recent movements to diversify some of Britain’s most exclusive schools.

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News Worthy 2/29 – 3/4

Happy March, everybody!


I forgot to include this in last week’s post, but as mentioned in my Pop Culture Bucket List, I was in the studio audience for a Seth Meyers taping last Monday. It was an amazing experience, and my new goal is to attend Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert tapings in the future. Surprisingly, one of my favorite segments of the show was with Seth’s close friend, comedian Neal Brennan. Basically feeling like a stilted adult, Neal created an “In Memoriam” video for their friendship, as Seth is having a baby soon.

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News Worthy: 2/15 – 2/19

I’m really enjoying writing these posts every week. It’s reassuring to always have something to post even if I’ve had a busy or not so creative week!


As tired as Garry Marshall’s tendency to force as much plot into these “holiday” movies as possible has gotten, I’m still a sucker for his fluffy, harmless movies. Although it seems that he’s reaching a little far with Mother’s Day and the story looks totally unoriginal, the trailer is still cute. Will I see it in theaters? Definitely not. Get it through Redbox or watch it once it streams on Netflix? Sure.

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5 YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is most definitely my preferred method of procrastination, and I often will pick watching YouTube over a TV show or movie. I follow quite a lot of YouTubers, many of whom I’ve watched for over five years now. While some of my favorites are more popular and well-known, I think that many deserve far more recognition for the work they create. So, here are five recommended YouTubers I think you should check out!

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