Caricatured “Interestings”: A Reaction to “The Interestings” TV Adaptation

Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings was one of my favorite books I read in 2014, and a random scroll through Tumblr tonight brought me a screenshot of theater actor Corey Cott’s (Jeremy Jordan’s replacement in Newsies, Vanessa Hudgens’ love interest in Gigi) Instagram post promoting his role in something called The InterestingsMy mind immediately became churning as I thought of the book, counted the people in the promotional photo, and tried to fathom how this was made without my knowledge. A quick Google search brought me to the show’s Amazon page and a review alluding to major disappointment about the adaptation, giving me both intense interest in and trepidation about this show.


The Interestings is an extremely intricate and internal story, and the book weaves in and out of time within chapters. When I read it the first time, I never felt fully grounded in just one time period. As a result, it’s one of those books that just sweeps you up and keeps such a hold on you that you feel wrong finishing the story and leaving the world of these characters. You’ve seen them grow and become different selves, and it feels unsettling to leave them behind even though, in the case of The Interestings, you’re exposed to practically their entire lives.

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Reaction to 2016 Tony Nominations

I’ve made it clear that I have no credibility to talk about theater except for the fact that I just read a lot about it online and genuinely find it interesting. Over the last few years, the Tonys have become my favorite awards show, mostly because of the performances and because, compared to the stars at film and TV award shows, these nominees are not always accustomed to the glamour and excitement that a day of recognition provides and seem truly genuine.

This year’s Tony nominations came out today, and it’s already a record-breaking year – Hamilton has gathered 16 nominations, more than any other Broadway musical in the past. Once again, I haven’t seen the show and I consider myself a newer fan, but just listening to the cast album (it’s quickly become my background music for when I’m writing essays) and watching Lin-Manuel Miranda interviews proves that this record is well-deserved. While one show and its actors sweeping so many of the slots almost takes away the suspense of who will win, it does make it even more exciting for both the winner and the audience if someone from another show does win. As of now, I’m predicting at least one non-Hamilton actor win in the musical categories – find it below!

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A “Downton Abbey” Finale Reaction

This semester, my roommate and I quickly formed a Sunday night tradition. We would vow to get our work done by 8 or 9 in order to tune in to PBS for our “Old Lady Nights.” If we had missed it, we would watch the previous week’s Downton Abbey at 8, followed by the new episode at 9 and then the latest episode of Mercy Street at 10. Mercy Street‘s finale and the penultimate Downton episode fell on the first Sunday of our “spring” break, so we weren’t together and didn’t watch either show.

After watching the (anti-climatic) Mercy Street finale during the week thanks to a HDMI cord and a laptop, we were psyched and ready for the very last Downton Abbey episode ever. We had assumed that, like always, the previous episode would air at 8 and we could just catch up that way.

I had just stepped out of the shower when my roommate screeched from the other room, “It’s not on!” When I came out wrapped in my towel, we stared in dismay at the PBS retrospective special playing. When a spoiler-y clip from the previous episode popped up in a montage, we knew that we had to be quick and watch it online.

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