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Hello readers! My name is Kristen and I’m a writer specializing in Entertainment. Books, films, and TV have been a part of my life since before I can remember, and alongside these elements has always been my love of writing. I started this blog to embrace and improve upon my writing skills and share my love of pop culture with others. Bookworms and Fangirls consists of book reviews and recommendations, rants about movies and TV shows, and Top Ten Lists of any kind. Upon graduating college, I began writing professionally for different online publications, particularly in the entertainment field.

I adore the Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables book series and will never turn down a good old historical fiction novel. Friends will forever go down as my all-time favorite TV show, for its ability to always make me laugh despite how many times I’ve seen an episode. Other TV favorites include Lost, Call the Midwife, The Mindy Project, and The Middle, but love affairs with other shows come and go sporadically.

I have a passion to see the world and document my travels as I go. If I had a TARDIS, I would split my time between Tudor England and the United States in the 1940s. Accompanying me on these journeys would be my set of Richard Curtis movies and a lifetime supply of Chobani yogurt.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

10 thoughts on “About Me

      • I tried it a few years back and couldn’t get through it. Then on advice of one of my friends I gave it a shot again and LOVED it. Really fantastic depiction of the times. Not my favorite Anne Boleyn portrayal. Its also now on Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I am so excited to watch! What sparked your interest in Tudor England?

      • Ooh I’m more excited to try it out now! Yeah I heard about the Masterpiece production and I think it also just started as a play on Broadway? I think what sparked my interest in the Tudor era was this middle-grade series by Carolyn Meyer that are books told from the points of view of Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Mary Tudor, and Elizabeth Tudor. They’re basically like adult Tudor fiction but a little cleaned up in order to be appropriate for younger readers. Those books were an obsession of mine in middle school and I loved learning about anything from the era that I could. I’ve tried to get into adult Tudor fiction but never really clicked with anything, so we’ll see how I like Wolf Hall!

      • Well, depends where you want to start. David Starkey is a great one to start with. Eric Ives wrote a great bio of Anne Boleyn. Allison Weir is really well known though I find her writing a little melodramatic.

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