More & More Little Things

The America’s Next Top Model binge fever has spread through my house, and now my sisters have recently rewatched Cycles 6 and 7, two classics that are just so fun. I’ve also just discovered the Jays Chat videos starring Jay Manuel and J. Alexander as they recap their memories of each cycle. So in conclusion, ANTM really is the perfect quarantine viewing.

I’m aware of her legendary status in the world of ’70s TV, but I’m of the age that only knows Marlo Thomas as Rachel’s mom on Friends. Still, after seeing this CBS Sunday Morning piece about her and her husband, I’m so interested in reading their book of interviews with long-lasting celebrity couples.

Similarly, the always handsome Tony Dokoupil charmed me with his package on working from home alongside his wife, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur (who wrote a fascinating memoir about covering Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for NBC News).

My family shares all of our streaming accounts, so we’re still holding off on a Disney+ account until a sense of normalcy returns and one of us is in the position to start a new phone and internet plan linked with a free year of the service. Hopefully we cave just in time for the Disney+ debut of the original  Hamilton production in July.

In the last two weeks of Call the Midwife, I was able to instantly identify two of the prospective fathers as James from Derry Girls and William from Downton AbbeyBoth sightings were pretty trippy  — like, isn’t James too young and baby-faced to be a dad in the ’60s? When did sweet, innocent William start looking so old and man whore-y? On an episodic note, how amazing was Trixie’s monologue defending Nonnatus House?

I cried over the French historical film La Rafle this week. It focuses on the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup, a mass arrest of Parisian Jews by French police in 1942. I knew about this from an early age because it features in one of my favorite middle grade books, Anne Frank and Me, but this movie explores the buildup to the arrest and its aftermath in a way I’ve never seen in such detail.

I don’t know if I should blame quarantine or not, but gosh darn it, the end of the Single Parents finale made me teary, and this was even before its cancellation news broke. I’ll miss this one in the fall or whatever weird reality in which new TV seasons return. Can NBC hurry up with its renewal announcements now? I need to know how my beloved Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist fares.

I finished Sharon Cameron’s addictive The Light in Hidden Places without even knowing it closely followed a true story. As revealed in her author’s note, Cameron discovered the tale of two young Polish sisters who hid 13 Jews in their small apartment’s attic thanks to a PBS documentary. The power of public television, guys. The TV movie that the sisters’ heroism inspired is now on my watch list.

Legally Blonde: The Musical — The Search for Elle Woods is such a perfect hidden gem in reality TV. Watching the cast’s recent Zoom reunion was super delightful because the love among the women really shone through, and their memories of filming and jokes with each other were hilarious.

Speaking of Legally Blonde, Mindy Kaling writing the script for the third movie is perfection.

What little things are getting you through?

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