Little Things, Again & Again

I don’t understand why the Harry Potter At Home project involves some actors unaffiliated with the franchise (Dakota Fanning?), but Daniel Radcliffe and Noma Dumezweni’s readings of the first two Sorcerer’s Stone chapters were so soothing and delightful. I listened to them on Spotify, and I’m hoping for more appearances from the people tied to the stage show and the Potter and Fantastic Beasts films (and, in Stephen Fry’s case, the original UK audiobooks) than random celebrity fans.

Archie as a little bookworm demanding another book before the first was finished captured my heart. To me, he has Meghan’s eyes but everything else is Harry. Also, Princess Anne is fantastic and underrated, and her low-key dedication comes across so well in this chat she had with a World War II veteran in honor of the 75th VE Day anniversary.

On a related note, all of the royals’ anniversary chats with vets were sweet. While watching them, it really hit me that this is likely the last major VE Day milestone that the majority of these people will live to see, and they’re forced to celebrate alone from their homes. Obviously that is currently out of our control, but let’s never neglect our elderly population and what they’ve seen when a sense of safe normalcy has been restored.

I love a man who loves his wife, and Stephen Colbert is clearly one of those.

The L.A. TimesCan’t Stop Watching podcast is another calming, quick listen that sparked from worldwide quarantines and the entertainment industry essentially shutting down completely. So far, all of the actors interviewed have been honest and introspective, and I like that host Yvonne Villarreal asks each guest to leave a question for the following interviewee.

Based on the trailer, The King of Staten Island looks…charming? I’m far from a Pete Davidson fan, but this story is obviously very personal for him, and being from Long Island, I’ve always sort of gotten his hometown schtick. I don’t like raunchy, male-driven comedies, but the movie seems more like a very regional coming-of-age story that I’d enjoy.

I somehow didn’t realize that the Michelle Obama documentary was coming out as soon as it did. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, but isn’t it crazy to see clips of Malia and Sasha talking and realizing we’ve never heard them speak before? I love how they’re clearly so aware and admirative of what their mother means to people.

I wanted Sandra Oh and Mandy Moore to reenact The Princess Diaries’ ice cream scene when they were both at the Emmys last year, but Oh recreating Gupta’s best moment sufficed.

America’s Next Top Model is the only show I will mindlessly binge when I just can’t bother with sensical TV, and this weekend was one of those times. I played through most of Cycle 8, which is one of the more ridiculous seasons, and my brain was thankful for it.

One day at work last week, my background noise of choice was Taylor Swift’s Lover, followed by She Loves Me and The Music Man, two of the most delightful musical theater albums ever. I rarely listen to full albums at work, but this really boosted my mood is that how music people feel all the time?

What little things are you loving?




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