Little Things, Ad Infinitum

I recently took in Forget Paris, a ’90s rom-com that Billy Crystal produced, directed, co-wrote, and starred in. Its dialogue style is fairly similar to When Harry Met Sally, so it sounds exactly how Billy Crystal talks, which I love. He’s one of those New York celebrities who emulates home for me. In addition to just being a low-stakes, slice-of-life story, the movie’s packed with a fun cast, including a pre-West Wing John Spencer, a very dashing and dark-haired Joe Mantegna, the second mom from Air Bud, and Joey’s dad from Friends. Keep your ears open for the actress behind Marge Simpson to pop up!

The Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist finale was devastatingly beautiful. I’d already been feeling a little emotional (blame the general state of the world for that), but that episode and its final scene just about did it. But on a fluffier note, how swoony is Skylar Astin as Max? I don’t envy the network executives who have to figure out TV renewals right now, but I have my fingers crossed for a second season.

I loved Doctor Who back in high school, and Eleven was “my” Doctor. Since then, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan went on to be royalty and superheroes, and Arthur Darvill sort of disappeared. So the sight of him in World on Fire this week was super delightful. Showing up to be a quippy pregnant woman’s knight in shining uniform is such a Rory move.

I’m really itching for Call the Midwife to a) introduce some more serialized storylines (is Valerie going to get with the hot new doctor or not?) and b) give Trixie something to do, but gosh darn it, a Sister Monica Joan storyline will always make me sob.

Anderson Cooper announcing the birth of his son also touched me way more than my “normal times” perspective would expect. I love how bashful he seems in his interviews on The Late Show and Kelly and Ryan.

This weekend, my sister and I cackled at Everybody Loves Raymond reruns (“Marie’s Sculpture” and “Lucky Suit,” specifically), another cultural figurehead that’s ultra-reminiscent of my home and the people there. The comedic timing gets no better than that show.

Kristin Harmel writes such digestible novels, and this week I’ve been enjoying an ARC of her latest story, The Book of Lost Names.

Speaking of content that just goes down like a breeze, I started watching Being Ericaa Canadian dramedy about a woman whose magical therapist sends her to her past in order to face her current problems. Episodes are 43 minutes long, but they really fly by, so I’m almost already done with Season 1.

People don’t talk enough about Dolores Umbridge and Mr. Carson being a married couple, and a delightful one at that.

I’ve followed Broadway star Nick Cordero’s COVID-related health struggles since the news first broke. I am just in awe of his wife Amanda Kloots’ positivity and openness as she breaks down each update on her Instagram page. This case can truly be summarized with “one step forward, two steps back,” and the love and support surrounding this family is so inspiring.

What are the little things getting you through? 

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