More Little Things to Distract From the Big Thing

Jennifer Ehle, who played Elizabeth in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries, reading each chapter of the book aloud in social media videos.

James Corden’s dad performing a makeshift concert for his neighbors, which made me cry.

Finishing an ARC of Maddie Dawson’s A Happy Catastrophesequel to the delightful Matchmaking for BeginnersThis one was just as heartwarming, consisting of the same buttery and nourishing writing that I fell in love with. It hits shelves on May 26.

Getting approved for a NetGalley copy of The Heir Affair, one of my most anticipated reads of 2020.

Discovering that this era of Zoom calls inspired WGBH, a Boston TV station, to gather videos of cast members from both the original and ‘90s-2000s editions of PBS Kids’ Zoom demonstrating the crafts, recipes, and experiments a typical episode would have. Pablo Velez, a cast member from the 1999 season, grew up to work on several PBS Kids shows and currently still works at WGBH. He spearheaded this movement and the reunion chats including cast members from both series. I’ve mentioned before how important and influential this turn-of-the-century PBS period is to me, so stumbling upon this news was so sweet and nostalgic.

These reunited high school sweethearts recounting their interracial romance in the ’60s on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Kelly seems to have taped a lot in advance, as the show’s YouTube channel is still posting plenty of in-studio content amidst production shutdown. I’m grateful for it — when’s the next time we’ll get to dive mindlessly into the world of “normal” daytime TV and its abundance of feel-good stories?

Jimmy Fallon and his wife answering questions about their relationship history as they take walks on the home editions of The Tonight Show. Their conversation about how they met is my favorite of these.

Beginning a weird love affair with “Letting the Person in Front of Me Decide What I Eat” YouTube videos. Why do so many Americans visit a drive-through just to buy a soda?! Mind-boggling.

This particularly fun and entertaining “Stars in the House” stream with the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist cast. Also, I think I have a full-blown crush on Skylar Astin now.

Watching childhood classics like The Princess Diaries with my sisters. I had underestimated just how much of a mood-booster this would be. Turn on that movie you know by heart and enjoy.

What are the little things getting you through? 

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