2020 Pop Culture Wishlist

I wish for…

Taylor Swift to act in something not horrible.

A Bachelorette over the age of 25.

Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain to play sisters in a project.

A publication date for that Curtis Sittenfeld novel about Hillary Clinton’s alternate life.

Official news of Greta Gerwig’s next directing project.

The British press to lay off Meghan and Harry and cool it on the brotherly feud stories.

Plenty of promotional photos and videos from Showtime’s First Ladies series.

A lengthy, well-done interview with both Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick ahead of their work in Broadway’s Plaza Suite.

More of Ray Romano in any context.

More appreciation of the national treasure that is Al Roker.

Award nomination committees to recognize Susan Kelechi Watson as the gift she is.

A Lauren Graham cameo on the next season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

Rom-com roles for Dev Patel, Milo Ventimiglia, Ethan Peck, and Zachary Levi.

Fewer TV reboots.

Fewer new streaming services.

A growing spotlight on female filmmakers and creators.

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