Yes, More ‘If These Books Were Movies’…

These are some of my favorite posts to write. As seen by all of the posts filed in my ‘If These Books Were Movies’ tag, I love talking about a certain actor who appeared almost instantly as a character in a book I was reading. I’m attempting to write a novel now, and I’ve loved putting together a secret Pinterest board of the actors I envision as my characters. The dream castings mentioned in this edition were particularly strong and quick to materialize — Hollywood producers, take note!

1) Julia Roberts and Rachel McAdams as Birdie and Cady (Campaign Widows, by Aimee Agresti) 

FotoJet (20)

“Talent could protect and insulate you against the world in so many ways, she had always thought.” 

A lot of the characters in this ensemble novel actually appeared very clearly to me, but Julia Roberts as a D.C. socialite whose marriage is failing and Rachel McAdams as the plucky TV producer who has moved her life to D.C. for her fiancé’s career were utter no-brainers. Birdie is an older woman whose fabulous campaign parties make up for the personal turmoil she often faces in regards to her philandering husband, while Cady makes the best of her producer job at a local, lowly ranked morning talk show as her fiancé jets off as a staffer on a prospective presidential campaign. Cady reminded me a lot of McAdams’ Morning Glory character, while Birdie just had the composure Roberts has in so many roles.

2) Tom Hiddleston as Jamie (My Oxford Year, by Julia Whelan) 

FotoJet (21)

“Sometimes you catch him looking at you and the floor of your stomach drops out like a carnival ride. It’s not lust in his eyes; lust you could understand. It’s appreciation. It comes with a nearly imperceptible smile when he looks at you and he thinks you can’t see him. It’s the appreciation that separates him from all the other boys you’ve been with. It’s the appreciation that makes him a man. And, in turn, you appreciate the hell out of him. For all of it.”

Tom Hiddleston is definitely a little too old for Jamie in actuality, but I can’t resist assigning his beautiful face to a British, poetry-writing literature teacher. That character description is basically my dream man, and Hiddleston also has a history with Shakespeare works and playing composed, clever characters who are reminiscent of Jamie, but from what I know, he hasn’t really played a realistic contemporary part in a movie before. Other than just being the love interest, Jamie also has a deep, heartbreaking secret that I think Hiddleston definitely has the chops to convey.

3) Lin-Manuel Miranda as Rafe (Good Luck With That, by Kristan Higgins)

FotoJet (22).jpg

“There’s something incredibly appealing about a man who’s smitten with his woman. Back then, he couldn’t look away from her, and he touched her constantly. His voice was different when he talked to her, and his eyes always grew soft when she walked into a room.” 

I went to Kristan Higgins’ book signing last month, and she basically confirmed to the audience that Lin is actually her dream casting for Rafe, who is one of the main characters’ ex-husband in Good Look with That. He’s an American-born Spaniard who’s a successful chef, and comes back into his ex-wife Georgia’s life after she has revamped her life and self-image following their ugly divorce.  The character is kind and gentle in contrast to Georgia’s verbally abusive mother and brother, and anyone who knows anything about Lin-Manuel Miranda can probably agree he fits those characteristics perfectly.

What about you? Have any actors stuck out to you as characters in books you’ve read recently? 

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