What’s New: A Catch Up

Welcome back to my blog, friends! I’ve had a crazy month and a half or so of schoolwork, internship projects, and freak-outs about life that kept me from blogging regularly, but with summer on the horizon, I’m trying to get back into a nice writing routine!

Recently, I purposely made a post about my Tony nomination predictions so it was out before award announcements, and am planning on a reaction post to seeing the Broadway musical Bandstand. For now, as a nice catch-up to get the blog back in order, I wanted to do a News Worthy-esque post about recent cultural news or events that excited me!


Jessie Mueller and Joshua Henry are starring in a Broadway revival of Carousel next year. The sound that came out of my mouth when I saw this headline was not human. I love Jessie Mueller, and recently fell in love with my birthday buddy Joshua Henry through his HamJams on Instagram. I love how this is a pairing no one would have really considered in casting speculation but now that it’s happening, everyone loves it! The fact that a black man was cast as Billy in Carousel is also huge and amazing. With a My Fair Lady revival already announced for next season as well, the 2018 musical revival category is looking pretty strong.

I would be a very happy lady if a Music Man revival was thrown into that mix as well. James Monroe Iglehart recently did an interview with Vulture saying he loved The Music Man and would jump on the chance to play Harold Hill if non-traditional casting was welcomed – um, casting directors, please take note (throw in Laura Benanti or Alexandra Silber as Marian and you have the funniest onstage duo ever). I’ve grown to believe that Bartlett Sher, who directed the last Fiddler revival and will be doing My Fair Lady, is the king of revival productions, so fingers crossed that The Music Man could be his 2019 project. Also, if you’re an JMI fan, check out this great BUILD Series interview he just did this week in honor of him starting in Hamilton recently.


While promoting their mental health awareness campaign Heads Together, William and Kate appeared on BBC Radio 1 as surprise guests for one of the station’s DJs planning to run the London Marathon in support of the organization. BBC Radio released a long, high-quality video of the couple in the studio having a very fun chat with the DJs. This covers everything you never knew you wanted to know about these two, from the cartoons their kids watch to what their go-to takeaway order is. This also showed what I love seeing proved – William and Kate as a down-to-earth, genuinely loving couple. Princess Charlotte is turning two soon and Kate’s sister is getting married at the end of May, so I’m hoping some official photos of the kids will be released soon in honor of these events!

I’m a born and raised Today Show fan, and it’s only been recently that I’ve really come to admire Savannah Guthrie and what she’s done in her career. She’s someone who really dedicated herself to her career and didn’t think a family with kids would be in the cards for her, but she’s proof that you can be in your forties – a time society tends to view as “too late” to have a family – and have amazing, unexpected things happen if you’ve worked hard for them. She recently received a Matrix Award, which honors women in the communication field, and I love the speech she gives in this video.


I loved this New York Times “Table for Three” feature with Misty Copeland and Sally Field. What Misty and Sally talk about feels particularly relevant to any and all girls right now who feel motivated to pursue their dreams no matter what. There was no specific section that stood out to me, but I definitely recommend checking it out!


I first knew about the TV-writing couple Tracey Wigfield and Adam Countee through the New York Times Vows column of their wedding last year. I don’t know what spurred it on, but I somehow ended up on Tracey’s Twitter page this week, where she had posted a link to an article she wrote for a Catholic magazine called “A Sorta Catholic’s Very Catholic Wedding.” Covering the story of how she ended up having a very traditional Catholic wedding despite being a very easygoing Catholic in adulthood, the article is hilariously written and very relatable for anyone who is or was raised Catholic.

“But the thing they don’t tell you about pre-Cana is—it’s kinda fun. Sure, there was an elderly Korean couple who spoke about sex with the in-your-face confidence of a Cosmo magazine editor, but the rest of the speakers were pretty normal. It was basically just a daylong religion class full of easy quizzes and little art projects. One of the worst parts of being an adult is there are not any “easy classes.” Kids in school get to balance math and history with religion and art, but for adults, it’s just work and taxes and submitting health claims. Maybe that is why people like taking Buzzfeed quizzes and going to those weird places where you pay to drink wine and make pottery.”

Anyone who has read my blog closely enough knows that I am a devout, lifelong Anne of Green Gables fan. Like many traditionalist fans, I adore the 1985 mini-series as much as I do the books, and there is little to no separation of the book characters from the film portrayals for me. The New York Times did a feature piece in honor of Netflix’s new Anne series that has an original focus on the trauma Anne experienced before coming to Green Gables.

This probably makes me terrible, but I cringed at the trailer of the PBS remake that aired around Thanksgiving, and although I’ve only seen snippets of the trailer for this new version, I don’t think I can bring myself to watch it. I have such strong visions of these characters because of the 1985 version, and I also think that the original is about as faithful as someone could get in an adaptation. Regardless of that, I loved this article and its explanations on why Anne Shirley is such a beloved character. The quote below is something I never realized about the first book until reading it, and I think the point it makes is so interesting.

“Rather than dispense the message that it’s only what’s on the inside that counts, “Anne of Green Gables” conveys something more nuanced, that beauty can be a pleasure, that costumes can provide succor, that the right dress can improve your life — all things that adults know to be true, sometimes, but that we try to simplify for our children.”

What about you? What recent pop culture news excited you?

4 thoughts on “What’s New: A Catch Up

  1. I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables, but my grandmother used to talk about it all the time! I think we even watched one of the movies together once. I may have to see the Netflix series now and show it to her.

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