3 Musicals That Need a Broadway Revival

I’m still incredibly excited for all of the new musicals premiering this season, but there are some classic musicals that I think are long overdue for Broadway revivals. Growing up, we watched a lot of the popular, traditional movie musicals – Rodgers & Hammerstein, Disney live action – that really solidify your view of Broadway as a flashy song-and-dance place no matter how much you enjoy newer and more experimental musicals.

The Music Man

Last on Broadway: 2000

The Music Man first premiered in 1957, so it’s actually celebrating its 60th anniversary this year – maybe we can get a surprise revival production at the end of the year? Its only Broadway revival was in 2000, so it took nearly forty years after it closed for the show to come back on a full scale. I’ve mentioned before that while I love this show’s music, I’ve never been a huge fan of the plot. Granted, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a production or the film in entirety, but even as a kid I remember getting bored when people weren’t singing. Still, it’s a Broadway classic, and Seth MacFarlane’s performance of “Ya Got Trouble” has made him gain the Internet’s vote for being a potential Harold Hill, which is a hard role to fill since Robert Preston is so iconic in it. I think casting MacFarlane as Harold and a true Broadway actress like Laura Osnes as Marian would make audiences very interested in seeing what is normally a very standard show.


Last on Broadway: 1997

I was so excited about the all-female 1776 concert news, and I loved last year’s concert that had non-traditional casting. This show has been brought up a bit in the conversation about Hamilton, with people calling it the original Founding Fathers musical. It does have a reputation of being a bit dry and stuffy – I believe it has the longest gap between songs in any musical. But given the casting choices of these two recent concerts, why not have a mixed gender cast for a revival? In high school, the drama club chose 12 Angry Men as its play one year and did one production with all boys and another with all girls, advertising both as 12 Angry Jurors. While I appreciate those moves to give both genders equal opportunities, I think choosing to cast women as some of 1776‘s Founding Fathers would make modern audiences interested in seeing a revival.


Last on Broadway: 2006

A London revival of this show is coming up, with the male lead Bobby switching to the female Bobbie (played by an actress I saw in As You Like It while in London!). But I’m hoping for a New York revival of Company in the next few years because of a thought planted by what one of the theater news sites suggested – Aaron Tveit as Bobby. It’s been over five years since he was in a Broadway show, and I think the experience he’s gained through TV and film in the break from Broadway has shaped him into a leading man, which he wasn’t really cast as beforehand in stage work. Honestly, all I need is him singing “Being Alive” in any kind of setting and I’d be good, but I think it’d be so exciting for a revival to come into place with him attached. I’ve yet to watch much of the footage from his recent concert, seen above, but was thrilled when his performance of a Company song actually popped up.

What about you? What musicals do you think need a Broadway revival soon?


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