Reactions to 2016 Emmy Nominations

Much like last year, the recent announcement of Emmy nominations wasn’t even on my radar. After seeing the complete list, I understand why – nearly all of the shows nominated are just not on my spectrum at all.

I was out of the country for last year’s Emmys, so maybe I’m just out of the loop about what’s the norm now, but when did these categories widen to include so many slots? Although it’s great that this allows for more deserving people to be recognized, I almost find it overwhelming, particularly with the categories for Best Comedy and Drama. Although I’m terrible at keeping up with current shows, I do like to have at least some exposure to the nominated works and their actors, and that has become increasingly difficult to do with these kind of nominations.

In true millennial fashion, I rarely watch scripted TV live, but unusually, I don’t normally have access to networks like HBO, and I prefer to wait until a show is available on Netflix with an end date confirmed before I start watching. Catching up with Call the Midwife was a first for me because it’s still running, and now I actually have to wait for the premiere of new episodes. I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but a lot of my TV watching is starting finished shows that I may have been a little young for during original runs.

Do I still like to debate about why a certain show (*cough* Modern Family and Downton Abbey) was nominated despite a lackluster few years? Do I cheer on a first-time nominee from an unexpected show? Yes. But, because I like to take in popular TV a little more slowly, I’m rarely up to date with currently nominated TV, so seeing so many noteworthy nods is just a tad overwhelming to me.

Now, on a lighter note! For a complete list of Emmy nominations, go here.


  • I was so glad when Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt lived up to the first season, and am even more thrilled that Ellie Kemper was nominated this year! I also love Tituss Burgess and while I think he’s an underdog in his category, he’s definitely my favorite to win.
  • After a few years of the media giving Game of Thrones a bad rep for what seemed to be its portrayal of violence against female characters, this season feels like it won back some skeptical fans. I’ve also read several prediction / preference columns that favor The Americans for Best Drama win, so my guess is that it’ll come down to these two, with a possible upset win from Mr. Robot.
  • Critics seem to be torn between Veep and Transparent for Best Comedy, but I’m actually leaning towards black-ish. As its season progressed, the show tackled such relevant and important storylines, calling up memories of the network sitcoms from the ’80s and ’90s that weren’t afraid to be serious and deliver an important lesson in a half hour block. This format is rarely seen on TV now – I personally find it to be classic, and as long as it’s handled in a modern context, I think there is still a place for it on television.
  • While there are the highly represented casts and shows on the list, I’m actually noticing a lot more variety than in past years. I mentioned this  before, but it is  a great sign of the times to have such a display of all of the programming available. I do find it overwhelming to take in, but platforms like Netflix and HBO have allowed for such diverse stories to be told.

Although I’m not very up-to-date on new TV, I love being a part of the celebration of the industry! What about you? Do you have any favorites you’re rooting for this year?

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