Summer Daze: What’s Up

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted something, which is an oddity since I began blogging much more regularly at the start of the year. Since I cashed in my predictions for the Tony Awards, I’ve started a full-time internship and watched a lot of my free time dwindle into a 5:00 – 11:00 p.m. window on weekdays. So I guess this is kinda what growing up is like?

What I’ve Done

The week before I began my internship, I headed into the city for the day to attend a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I went to a Seth Meyers taping back in February and that experience was great, but this one proved to be even better!

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Reaction to 2016 Tony Nominations

I’ve made it clear that I have no credibility to talk about theater except for the fact that I just read a lot about it online and genuinely find it interesting. Over the last few years, the Tonys have become my favorite awards show, mostly because of the performances and because, compared to the stars at film and TV award shows, these nominees are not always accustomed to the glamour and excitement that a day of recognition provides and seem truly genuine.

This year’s Tony nominations came out today, and it’s already a record-breaking year – Hamilton has gathered 16 nominations, more than any other Broadway musical in the past. Once again, I haven’t seen the show and I consider myself a newer fan, but just listening to the cast album (it’s quickly become my background music for when I’m writing essays) and watching Lin-Manuel Miranda interviews proves that this record is well-deserved. While one show and its actors sweeping so many of the slots almost takes away the suspense of who will win, it does make it even more exciting for both the winner and the audience if someone from another show does win. As of now, I’m predicting at least one non-Hamilton actor win in the musical categories – find it below!

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