News Worthy 4/11 – 4/15

All of a sudden, it’s mid April and I have just about two weeks until the end of my junior year of college. My sister is graduating high school in a little under two months, which is insane to me because she was a freshman when graduated high school, and I still feel like that was just a year ago.


I started to read Curtis Sittenfeld’s books about a year or so ago, and I do like her writing even though it can get to be a little much after a while. I was looking forward to her new book Eligible, a Pride and Prejudice modern retelling, but am now a little skeptical after seeing such mixed reviews. However, I love it when the Times does profiles of authors I know and have read.

This week for my internship, I interviewed Amanda Giracca, a senior editor at VelaShe and her colleagues are such inspirations for women interested in writing who also want to make opportunities for themselves.


It’s official: the new stage adaptation of Anastasia is coming to Broadway next season. I’ve mentioned several times that the film is one of my lifelong favorites, and I think it could be so interesting to see the story transformed for stage. Fun fact: for the initial reading of the stage show years ago, a pre-Les Mis Graceland / international fame Aaron Tveit played Dimitri. I doubt he’ll be making an appearance in this production what with him starting on a new TV show, but how cool would that be?

Bright Star is a new, original musical that Steve Martin and Edie Brickell wrote. I absolutely love the show’s most well-known song, “Sun Is Gonna Shine,” sung as a solo by the lead actress Carmen Cusack here. Playbill recently did a feature on Cusak’s past theater roles, as this show is actually her Broadway debut, but she has had an immensely fulfilling career both in London theatre and U.S. tour companies. This kinda ties back to what I discussed about hierarchy in last week’s News Worthy, but once again, I feel that people need to remember that they don’t necessarily have to be associated with the most well-known / prestigious names or places to find success in a field they love.

What news made you excited this week?

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