News Worthy 3/28 – 4/1

So…whoops. No News Worthy last week. In my defense, I was home with my family and enjoying some time with them (and, to be honest, I was in very much of the same mood as the week before, where I just didn’t feel like actively seeking news or just didn’t find anything that caught my fancy).

Plus, the past two weeks or so have been filled with news of various terror attacks, and that can make one’s heart pretty heavy, no? I was in Amsterdam during the Paris attacks this past November, and then went back to London, where I spent a day or two in quiet fear of another attack in another prominent capital city. Feeling so physically close to a dangerous event really shook me up at the time. My prayers are with all those affected in all targeted areas.

So, on a lighter note:


When a concert performance of 1776 was announced, I talked about it in a past News Worthy. This week, some video footage of the rehearsal process was released. I’m loving the non-traditional casting. 

Seth Meyers and his wife had their baby boy this week, and the video of him talking about the birth experience is absolutely beautiful and heartwarming. What a classy guy.

The seventh grade nerd in me was even more thrilled when some preview clips of the 1776 concert were released. This production, guys! I love the modern dress and, when I saw Abigail Adams in that plaid “farm dress,” I thought, “Of course!” For some weird reason, that one little costume detail just clicks perfectly for me. I first saw a production of 1776 for a seventh grade field trip, and let me tell you: “The Lees of Old Virginia” was everyone’s go-to jam for the following week. It’s been so long that I’ve seen the movie that I totally forgot just how funny some of these lyrics and common staging decisions are. “But Mr. Adams” is hilarious in the film version.

Okay, I’m going to be a pain for just a bit longer: here’s one more highlights video that includes some other songs. Okay, now I’m done.


Apparently, there is going to be a PBS Masterpiece mini-series about Queen Victoria next year, starring Jenna-Louise Coleman?!

So…I think that may be all I got. I promise a more comprehensive News Worthy next week, and am working on some other new content that should be posted soon!






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