News Worthy 3/14 – 3/18

Confession: this week was a close one as far as posting this column. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like I was stumbling through this week media-wise, just rewatching old YouTube videos and not really actively seeking news throughout the week like I normally do. It was one of those runts that March just brings you.

However, here I am still!

Theater / Videos

The cast of Hamilton performed excerpts of their show at the White House this week. Everything Hamilton-related in the past few months has been filmed for the upcoming PBS documentary, which I’m quite excited about and plan to watch. I admire Lin-Manuel Miranda so much, and I think he is just a creative genius.

While on the subject of Miranda, he met with Emma Watson?! And they discussed feminism and Sorted founding fathers into Hogwarts Houses?!? I don’t know if a full video of their conversation exists, but the clips that I’ve found are perfect.


My childhood nostalgia was toyed with when Garry Marshall shared that Anne Hathaway is interested in doing a Princess Diaries 3. I’ve talked about this before on this blog, but I accept how these movies are very different from the books and that the stories within the books actually work best in their own format. So, I know that a new movie would likely have nothing to do with the books. I also have a big thing about movie sequels coming out years after its predecessors. It’s always just seemed sad and desperate to me (give it up, James Cameron, those Avatar sequels are not being made).

Another break week is coming up for me, which I’ll appreciate to help me get out of this mid-March slump!

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