News Worthy 3/7 – 3/11

Thumbs up to me for publishing two non-News Worthy posts this week! It’s the simple things that count, guys.


While living in London last semester, I was most intrigued by the school system and seeing uniformed kids on the tube. Apart from (sort of) understanding terms such as GCSEs and A-levels, English schooling is an unknown but interesting topic for me. I really liked this New York Times article about recent movements to diversify some of Britain’s most exclusive schools.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, but this news just made me laugh.


I’ve mentioned before that Rosianna is one of my favorite YouTubers and that she is extremely intelligent and well-spoken. She is John Green’s personal assistant, and the two recently made a trip to Jordan to visit Syrian refugees. On International Women’s Day, she posted this video:

Watching it just made me think about my life and how much I take for granted. As far as I know, there’s very little unfiltered footage of Syrian refugees, and so this video is just a rare look into what life is really like for the children in this situation.


I go kinda crazy whenever royal family pictures are released and spend the day shoving my phone in people’s faces or sending screenshots of the photos to my friends or family. Monday, when William and Kate’s family skiing photos were released, was no different. We finally got a picture of William with just Charlotte!

Anyone else having some gorgeous, out-of-season weather this week? Here’s hoping for an early spring!

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