A “Fuller House” Reaction

I have now finished all 13 episodes of Fuller House. I think the ending was great if the show had not been picked up for another season, but I’m so happy it has! So, here are my thoughts and reactions about the first season, and some of my hopes for the second. This is obviously a spoiler-filled post, so stay away if you haven’t finished the season!

  • Wait, so Danny remarried? And she has a weird fetish for his cleanliness? And she seems considerably younger? So they’re basically dorks in love? Who is this woman? How long have they been together? Where is Vicky?!? 
  • So it kinda annoyed me that DJ’s husband didn’t get a name until halfway through the episodes. What is their love story? Did they meet as Berkeley students? Are we going to have flashbacks with him?
  • A+ on finding boys that actually look like siblings, casting directors. They are all incredibly adorable. I want a Tommy for myself.
  • Honestly, I teared up when Stephanie told DJ she couldn’t have children. Something about that scene just did it for me.
  • I was hoping for a mention of DJ’s karate lessons after she saved Jackson at the wrestling match, but hey, I guess motherly instincts are just as strong as a few years’ worth of training.
  • I’m a little incredulous that Jesse and Becky went for a backyard vow renewal without their own sons there. I would’ve loved for Danny to be there as well, and with the Mystery Wife just so we can figure out who she is.
  • Going off of that, I know they kinda disappeared once Jesse and Becky got married, but I always loved seeing Jesse’s parents on the show. If those actors are still around, I think it’d be so cool for them to return.
  • Danny and the sofa was just about my favorite thing ever.
  • Yes, I love how DJ chose herself at the end of the season, but we all know Steve and DJ ending up together is inevitable.
  • Weird opinion here, but I want Rusty, the son of Danny’s old girlfriend Cindy, to come back in Season 2 as a love interest for Stephanie. Can you imagine? Maybe Rusty was always a nickname, and he introduces himself with his real name, knowing that it’s her, and she doesn’t realize it until later on.
  • A Steph and Gia reunion would also be cool.
  • I loved all of the little digs at the Olsens and the corniness of the original show. I also thought I would get annoyed about the modern stuff, like smartphones, but I really didn’t mind it much at all.
  • The Olsen twins still seem unlikely to budge, but I think it’d be so interesting and even a little tense for one of them to return as Michelle next season. Michelle was still one of those trope-y “cute child characters” when the show ended, so it’d be interesting to see what the writers would do with her.

Overall, I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the show and how funny I found it. It has a lot more adult humor than the original, which is nice and plays off well.

What about you? What were some of your thoughts about Fuller House?

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