7 Favorite Musical Theater Songs

Hi, I’m your resident theater nerd who has no singing or acting experience whatsoever!

I’ve already talked about the movie musicals I grew up watching and the Broadway shows I’ve seen in the past, but I haven’t touched upon my favorite songs from the canon of musical theater and why they stick out to me. I wanted to highlight some favorites – both serious and a little silly – and share some beautiful lyrics from the songs!

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News Worthy 3/7 – 3/11

Thumbs up to me for publishing two non-News Worthy posts this week! It’s the simple things that count, guys.


While living in London last semester, I was most intrigued by the school system and seeing uniformed kids on the tube. Apart from (sort of) understanding terms such as GCSEs and A-levels, English schooling is an unknown but interesting topic for me. I really liked this New York Times article about recent movements to diversify some of Britain’s most exclusive schools.

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A “Downton Abbey” Finale Reaction

This semester, my roommate and I quickly formed a Sunday night tradition. We would vow to get our work done by 8 or 9 in order to tune in to PBS for our “Old Lady Nights.” If we had missed it, we would watch the previous week’s Downton Abbey at 8, followed by the new episode at 9 and then the latest episode of Mercy Street at 10. Mercy Street‘s finale and the penultimate Downton episode fell on the first Sunday of our “spring” break, so we weren’t together and didn’t watch either show.

After watching the (anti-climatic) Mercy Street finale during the week thanks to a HDMI cord and a laptop, we were psyched and ready for the very last Downton Abbey episode ever. We had assumed that, like always, the previous episode would air at 8 and we could just catch up that way.

I had just stepped out of the shower when my roommate screeched from the other room, “It’s not on!” When I came out wrapped in my towel, we stared in dismay at the PBS retrospective special playing. When a spoiler-y clip from the previous episode popped up in a montage, we knew that we had to be quick and watch it online.

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News Worthy 2/29 – 3/4

Happy March, everybody!


I forgot to include this in last week’s post, but as mentioned in my Pop Culture Bucket List, I was in the studio audience for a Seth Meyers taping last Monday. It was an amazing experience, and my new goal is to attend Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert tapings in the future. Surprisingly, one of my favorite segments of the show was with Seth’s close friend, comedian Neal Brennan. Basically feeling like a stilted adult, Neal created an “In Memoriam” video for their friendship, as Seth is having a baby soon.

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