Pop Culture Bucket List

I was lucky enough to achieve some pop-cultural goals last semester when I was abroad, such as taking the Harry Potter studio tour, playing Ain’t No Sunshine and Portobello Road in my head as I visited the Portobello Road Market, and embracing my inner Mary-Kate Olsen while seeing Kensington Gardens’ Peter Pan statue.

However, who is ever truly satisfied with what has already transpired? There are so many other events and sights related to pop culture that I want to do and see in the future, so I wanted to share some of them today!

Attend the Sundance Film Festival

In a dream world scenario, I would love to go to the festival as a journalist, but if that isn’t in the cards, I’d definitely go just for the experience.

Attend a major televised awards show (Tonys, Emmys, Oscars, etc.)

Apparently, it is possible to buy tickets to at least the Tony Awards, which are ideal for me, already being in New York. Again, going as a reporter or someone backstage would be so cool (how disappointing will it be if I don’t go into some kind of journalism and none of these goals are relevant in a few years?).

Go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood

I feel like this is just a must-do if you’re visiting Los Angeles. In 2014, I saw (and sat on!) the Friends couch at the NYC popup cafe that temporarily opened for the show’s 20th anniversary, but seeing the full set would be insane. So many of those lots and soundstages also date back to old movie musicals and have so much history behind them.

Meet a Lost cast member

I know this one’s a reach, but watching and finishing Lost was really what made me recognize the power of storytelling through television in a way I never had before. Shortly after finishing the series, I started to consider writing about TV and media for a career or simply doing something in that field. Plus, I just love these characters and cast members so much, and it’d be a honor to meet any of them.

Attend a taping of a late night talk show

This will soon be completed! Next week, I’m attending a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers with a friend. While in London, my broadcast class and I got to be in the studio audience for The One Show (I found video of the show we attended! In the cutaway to the audience, you can see basically everyone in the class but me). This was pretty cool, but was very intimate and informal compared to what I’m already expecting at NBC.

Visit Prince Edward Island

As a lifelong Anne of Green Gables fan, the thought of PEI strikes a chord in me. I know that it is actually far from the ideal vision fans have of it, but I also feel that it’s just a unique place that not many people get to visit. When I think of it, I picture the scene in the Kevin Sullivan movie where Anne and Diana are running down the hill to the seashore. Spoiler: that movie was only sparingly filmed on PEI, so chances are that your favorite natural scenery isn’t actually there, but still, it’s a gorgeous place that is something special to me.

What about you? Are there other iconic places or events you want to participate in during your life?



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