News Worthy: 2/15 – 2/19

I’m really enjoying writing these posts every week. It’s reassuring to always have something to post even if I’ve had a busy or not so creative week!


As tired as Garry Marshall’s tendency to force as much plot into these “holiday” movies as possible has gotten, I’m still a sucker for his fluffy, harmless movies. Although it seems that he’s reaching a little far with Mother’s Day and the story looks totally unoriginal, the trailer is still cute. Will I see it in theaters? Definitely not. Get it through Redbox or watch it once it streams on Netflix? Sure.


I’m a big fan of the New York Times’ Modern Love column and have even begun listening to its new podcast, on which celebrities choose an essay to read aloud. Last week’s essay, “In a Foreign Land With Something to Declare,” was not one of my favorites, but I loved this paragraph:

Maybe because we live in an age of so many choices, most of them meaningless, we romanticize the notion that falling in love isn’t a choice but something that happens to us. That love tells us what to do, not the other way around. Love is the authority figure, and if love tells us wrongly, then we can’t be held fully responsible.

The Times also wrote about Full House‘s original creator, Jeff Franklin, and how regret about leaving the show early led to his decision to revive it this year. I don’t think I knew that he had left the show halfway through its run, and one can’t help but wonder if the show ended the way it did because of his absence.

Say what you like about the royals, but I love how Kate stood up for mental health assistance when she guest-edited The Huffington Post UK this week.  


So a pet peeve of mine was when the James Burrows tribute was listed as a “Friends reunion.” Maybe it’s just me, but I see “reunion” as a cast coming together to talk about their experiences, not have a revival show, which is how a lot of people seem to interpret it. Plus, Friends is just one of those shows that ended perfectly, and we don’t need to revisit that. But, to get back on point, the reason why all of these TV casts are reuniting is because of Burrows, a director they all worked with at some point. I’ll admit I think it’s weird that they’re televising this on a major network solely for the cast reunions, but I enjoyed reading this interview with Burrows.

So this is shameless self-plugging, but I was able to interview two members of the creative team at Green Gables Fables this week. It was a great experience working with them, and I’m happy with the final result!


ABC replaced its previous entertainment chief with the first black female broadcast president, Channing Dungey. Dungey has helped develop shows like How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal, and her main goal in this position is to boost ABC’s ratings – surprisingly, it’s in last place among the Top 4 broadcast networks, which I wouldn’t expect. Still, I’m happy for any historical move made by women, especially in the entertainment industry!

Today, I’m traveling home for my “spring” break, and next week will hopefully be a chill but still productive time. What plans do you have in store for the week?

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