News Worthy: 2/8 – 2/12

Three cheers for being able to return for a second week of this feature! I’ve got good vibes for this, guys.


I am still awaiting the arrival of my Beyond Beautiful issue of Entertainment Weekly, but the clips and quotes I’ve seen of this discussion with Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks, and Eva Longoria are so good. In this clip, Witherspoon talks about how she began her own production company, which has worked on the adaptations of Gone Girl and Wild and focuses on telling female-centered stories.

I know I went crazy over all of last weeks Fiddler news, but this week brought forth some video of the Broadway cast recording the revival’s album!

Anyone else watch the new Fuller House trailer over and over again? I have to admit, watching this made me feel a lot warmer and fuzzier than I thought it would. DJ trying not to cry with the baby in her arms! Nicky and Alex all grown up! Steve and a sandwich! Needless to say, I’ve hit a new level of excitement for the show’s launch on February 26.


So we’re officially getting an eighth Harry Potter story, and I’m not sure how I feel about it, even though it’s just the script of the play that we’ve already known about for a while. Perhaps it’s because the majority of Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote in middle school was about the next generation and I’m now faced with the likelihood that my own version of events is false. I think part of the beauty of J.K. Rowling ending the original series the way she did was how so much was open-ended for fans to believe what they wanted to. Ultimately, these are her characters and she has the final say about them, but I am getting a little cynical about the revival culture that we’re facing in entertainment now (said the girl who’s excited for Fuller House. Contradictory, I know).


Interview Magazine really intrigues me, because the concept is simply that – interviews of people, sometimes even led by a colleague of theirs. A recent interview posted there was with Ed Speleers, who played the footman Jimmy on Downton Abbey (during its phase of “let’s introduce a bunch of random new servants and then do away with them in a year”).  Now, I don’t find him particularly fascinating, but it’s more the concept of interviewing rising stars that interests me.


This is an old piece, but I came across it this week. In “Where Your Book Begins,” Rookie Mag’s Emma Dajska talks about different journaling methods and how to find the best way for you to preserve your thoughts and ideas.

I believe keeping a record, visual or written, is good for you. It helps you to clear your mind, develop your ideas, and know yourself better. It allows you to be emotional and honest as well as grumpy and pathetic.

Any news worthy stories you saw this past week?

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