News Worthy: 2/22 – 2/26

Hello from the little bubble I end up in when I visit home and get absolutely no homework done!


This Emma Watson interview popped up on my Facebook feed last weekend, and who can resist an interview with her? As I read it, I realized that it is more of a conversation between Watson and author bell hooks, and the whole thing is definitely a unique approach to interviewing and connecting like-minded people.

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Pop Culture Bucket List

I was lucky enough to achieve some pop-cultural goals last semester when I was abroad, such as taking the Harry Potter studio tour, playing Ain’t No Sunshine and Portobello Road in my head as I visited the Portobello Road Market, and embracing my inner Mary-Kate Olsen while seeing Kensington Gardens’ Peter Pan statue.

However, who is ever truly satisfied with what has already transpired? There are so many other events and sights related to pop culture that I want to do and see in the future, so I wanted to share some of them today!

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News Worthy: 2/15 – 2/19

I’m really enjoying writing these posts every week. It’s reassuring to always have something to post even if I’ve had a busy or not so creative week!


As tired as Garry Marshall’s tendency to force as much plot into these “holiday” movies as possible has gotten, I’m still a sucker for his fluffy, harmless movies. Although it seems that he’s reaching a little far with Mother’s Day and the story looks totally unoriginal, the trailer is still cute. Will I see it in theaters? Definitely not. Get it through Redbox or watch it once it streams on Netflix? Sure.

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Book Smarts: Josh Radnor

This is an attempt at starting up another regular feature for this blog. For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by celebrities who do more than just look pretty and post the apparently mandatory social media post(s) a day. Celebrities who are obviously intelligent and use their public status to bring attention to a piece of art or news interest me. I want to know about how they write their short films or direct their first full-length feature. I want to hear about what they’re reading and what books have always been important to them. I want to hear their thoughts about life.

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