5 YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is most definitely my preferred method of procrastination, and I often will pick watching YouTube over a TV show or movie. I follow quite a lot of YouTubers, many of whom I’ve watched for over five years now. While some of my favorites are more popular and well-known, I think that many deserve far more recognition for the work they create. So, here are five recommended YouTubers I think you should check out!

Casey Neistat

He has quickly become YouTube’s most popular creator, producing daily vlogs that are more like mini-movies than shaky cam, dull footage of someone’s daily routine. I’m astonished by the effort he puts into his videos every day, and watching him really makes you think about how other daily vloggers with far less craftsmanship are relying on generic, boring footage for their livelihood. Casey launched the app Beme last year and has worked as a filmmaker, so his filming is far more technical and visually pleasing than most. His go-go-go attitude is also incredible, and it’s a pleasure to watch him every day. Above is one of my favorite short films of his, “My Girlfriend Candice,” which shows a chapter of his love story with the woman who is now his wife. It was made before he started daily videos last March, but just watch any of his most recent videos  and you’re sure to get hooked.

Rosianna Halse Rojas

I started watching Rosianna’s videos around 2010, and since then, she’s taken viewers through her university years, the sudden death of her father, her post-grad struggle to find a job, her time living with fellow YouTubers in London, becoming personal assistant to John Green, and, as of 2015, moving to the United States for her job. Despite this window into her personal life, Rosianna primarily makes discussion videos, covering books, current events, film, feminism, cooking, and more. She’s been video-making for almost ten years now, and I think she is one of the most consistent creators out there. The depth of her content has improved alongside her own growth, and I find her so intelligent and well-spoken.

Emily Diana Ruth

Emily studied film in college, so her content is also very beautiful and professional. As she explains in this video, she doesn’t post as often as she used to, but her work is definitely worth looking at. Her style is very whimsical and dreamy and just makes me happy. She also made a short film a few years, and regularly posted update videos of the process. Her “Letters to July” project (2013 is here, and you can find 2014 here) has videos made by both Emily and other YouTubers, and, while some verge on being extremely cheesy, they’re a great chance to discover other video-makers.


Sanne is a Dutch native who moved to London and eventually ended up working in book publishing. She recently started a job with Penguin Books! She is also friends with Rosianna and Emily, and was one of the YouTubers who lived with Rosianna for a few years. Her main video topic is books, including reviews, hauls, and interviews with publishers and authors. She also posts travel videos and talks about literary translation, which she studied in graduate school. Sanne also has a beauty channel with another YouTube friend.  I’d recommend her to any book-lovers out there!


Sadie is currently a high school senior, but has been posting videos for several years. This girl is so talented. It’s people like her that remind me never to judge someone’s abilities based on their age. The above video was made when she was only a freshman, and it’s a favorite of mine because I also graduated high school in 2013 when my sister was in ninth grade. Sadie is way smarter than I’ll ever be, because when I watch her videos I usually get lost over what she’s saying and focus on the pretty colors instead.

What about you? Do you have any favorite YouTubers you would recommend?

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