You are Family (Because I Said So)

If you’ve seen any of my shoutouts to Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters (here and here), you’ll know that I have a habit of casting book characters in my head and sticking to that vision fervently. With The Weird Sisters, I envisioned Amy Adams, Rebecca Mader, and Jessica Chastain as the three sisters. All of them are known for sporting red hair at one time or another, and I think they could totally pass as sisters.

I’m definitely someone who likes physical resemblance with onscreen family members (Tina and Amy, I love you, but really?). Disney did a particularly good job casting the family in Wizards of Waverly Place, and the Weasleys remain one of the most believable-looking families to me. So, because I’m a nerd, I wanted to share a list of some actresses I wish would play family members in a film!

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Should I Be Reading Right Now?

My winter break has come to an end. I’ve ordered the novels I need for class (perks of being an English major: you always know that the required reading is actually required, and you can usually find extremely cheap secondhand copies) and stocked up on non-perishable snacks to keep in my dorm room. For the last week or so of break, I worked intensely with my magazine internship, binged Call the Midwife and Gilmore Girls, and made variations of egg for breakfast a few too many times.

But something that I didn’t do much of over the past month? Read.

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Favorite Actor Portrayals of Book Characters

We all know that I’m iffy when it comes to film adaptations of books, but there are certain actors who emulate a book’s character perfectly in an adaptation. Sometimes people have pictured their own interpretation of a character when reading the book, but if the film’s portrayal causes someone to alter their vision entirely, that’s how you know the actor has done his or her job well.

So, despite my feelings about books turning into movies, I tried compiling a list of my favorite actor portrayals of fictional characters. Let’s see how this goes!

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5 YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is most definitely my preferred method of procrastination, and I often will pick watching YouTube over a TV show or movie. I follow quite a lot of YouTubers, many of whom I’ve watched for over five years now. While some of my favorites are more popular and well-known, I think that many deserve far more recognition for the work they create. So, here are five recommended YouTubers I think you should check out!

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Top Book Characters I’d Want as Family

I was a little stumped about what to write about, so I turned to the ever-helpful Top Ten Tuesday feature over at The Broke and the Bookish for some inspiration. One of its older topics was picking book characters you would want in your own family.  Obviously, I’m not replacing any actual family members with these choices, but who wouldn’t like their own little fantasy world with a family of these wonderful characters?

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What I’m Watching in 2016: Last Chance, Catch-up, New Starts

Partially because I usually rely on short (and sometimes not so short) YouTube videos for procrastination purposes, I often feel guilty when I turn to Netflix or another TV streaming site during the school year. I tell myself that there is something more important I should be doing or that the campus WiFi simply won’t suffice for an hour-long episode.

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TV from Across the Pond

I spent the past semester in London (check out my study abroad blog here!), and one of my classes was called British Broadcasting Today. In it, we learned about how television is run in the UK, how the BBC has fared in the time of cable television and rival networks, and the content differences between US and UK TV.

An amazing feature that the UK has is almost unlimited online streaming for its three major networks: BBC, Channel 4, and ITV. Unlike the big American networks that may just post the past week’s new episodes and take them down after some time, the UK online archives will include full seasons, cancelled shows, and even old shows from the ’90s.

And the best part? It’s all free. 

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