Top 4 TV Bromances

I love me some TV friendships. A viewer gets to watch a friendship begin, flourish, suffer, or change for the better over the typical length of a TV show.

I plan to talk about my favorite female TV friendships later on, but for now I’d like to list four of my favorite bromances portrayed on television. Warning – these explanations will involve spoilers, some minor and some major, for all of these shows!

  1. JD and Turk (Scrubs) – This is basically the TV bromance. Having been friends since college, JD and Turk perfectly emulate the male bond that goes above and beyond your typical friendship. One of my favorite moments of them is their reunion after Turk and Carla return from their honeymoon and the boys run all over the hospital trying to find each other. It is a recurring joke that Turk loves his best friend more than he loves Carla and, honestly, I believe it. It helps that the actors, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, are actually best friends in real life as well. Both the characters and their real-life counterparts have grown up together and know each other better than anyone else does. I bet we all kinda wish we had a best friend right at our side for so long, but perhaps only slightly odd, crazy people like JD and Turk could survive such closeness without the end of the friendship.
  1. Charlie and Hurley (Lost) – Their friendship is a bit more understated than JD and Turk’s, but something about them just makes sense to me. Now, the relationship between these two started out a little rough – both were a little defensive about their pasts and Charlie continually associated Hurley’s weight with an inability to do things. But, as time went on, they grew closer in unlikely circumstances. Hurley helps Charlie baby-sit Aaron, they team up to figure out what Desmond is all about, and they nearly always stay away from the death-defying stunts some of the other castaways find themselves doing. They’re two fairly normal dudes who try to maintain as much positivity as possible on the island. I think that the time leading up to Charlie’s death best portrays what their friendship has become. Upon Charlie receiving his death sentence from Desmond, an unknowing Hurley tries to cheer him up and the two share a humongous bout of glee after getting an old van to work. Their last encounter includes them simply exchanging, “I love you, man’s”’. GUYS – Charlie knows it’s the last time he will ever see Hurley! Hurley wanted to go with Charlie on this mission that could save them all, but is ultimately proud of his best friend for taking on this challenge! Let’s just say that end of Season 3 and beginning of Season 4 were very emotional times for me as a devout Hurley/Charlie fan.
  1. Joey and Chandler (Friends) – These two are inseparable in early seasons and I always feel a little sad that their closeness was skimmed over later on in the show. There were always jokes about these two being like an old married couple (“How come we never have jam at our place?” “Cuz the kids need new shoes.”) and even when Chandler was married to Monica, there was no doubt that Chandler would always help out Joey whenever he needed him. Favorite moment of theirs? Definitely the “bracelet buddies” moment in “TOW the Prom Video”. My best friend and I joke that, on our craziest days, we are Chandler and Joey, and we have quoted the line “Is this friendship, I think so!” to each other before. That plotline also shows that even though he hated the gift Joey got him, Chandler eventually understood the sentiment behind it and how important their friendship was. Don’t forget the time Joey forgave Chandler for kissing his girlfriend because he realized how Chandler was better suited for the girl. After all, that’s what friendship is – putting up with or letting go of something because it has to do with your best friend.
  1. Cory and Shawn (Boy Meets World) – Okay, so don’t revoke my TV knowledge card but…I never watched a full episode of BMW until recently. I would catch the end of an episode back when ABC Family aired its reruns right before Full House came on. I think because I had younger siblings who weren’t suited for BMW’s more adult moments, little eight-year-old me automatically assumed that the show was “bad”. But now, after being exposed to the wonder that is Cory and Shawn’s longtime friendship, I absolutely love these two. It is quite obvious that they would do anything for each other and have stuck together through it all – at one point, there’s a gag that they’ve been “together” for fifteen years and that it was their mutual work on the relationship that kept them together. I will even dare to say that their bond is perhaps tighter than JD and Turk’s. They experience understandable apprehension about the future of their friendship when Cory gets married, as all close friends probably do. But, as of 2014, it seems like little has changed between them – Shawn is scheduled for an appearance on Girl Meets World soon!

This post was originally meant to be a five-piece list, but I really couldn’t think of other bromances that weren’t on Lost. I didn’t want any repeats in shows, hence only four listings. However, I do love Sawyer and Jin, Desmond and Charlie, and Hurley/Sawyer and Miles. I also love the “not-exactly-a-friendship-but-their-scenes-together-are-just-so-brilliant” Locke and Ben. I’m sure I will make a whole post about my deep love for Lost in the future.

What about you? What are some of your favorite TV friendships?

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